Consumer Tips

Consumer Tips

Poor quality locks and open windows
are a good invitation to a thief . . .

  • Contact your local crime prevention officer for advice.
  • If you move home, change the locks so only you know who has keys.
  • A five lever lock plus deadlock is recommended for the main exit door.
  • Recessed key operated bolts should be fitted to other doors.
  • Patio doors can be an easy target for thieves. Additional security devices will prevent the window being forced from its surround.
  • Window locks are widely available and offer a good visible deterrent.
  • Garage doors are often very simple to break. Consider adding padlocks to door and frame.
  • Garden sheds contain tools a theft could use to break into your home. Padlocks again are recommended.
  • Devices are available so you can leave windows ajar for ventilation, but still be secure. These are particularly useful for bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Take a minute to check that all doors windows, inside and out, are secure before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • Remember, if you do lock yourself out of your house or car, a lock smith can help you get in as well as help to keep unwanted guests out.

Source: Thomson Directories with co-operation of the Master Locksmith Association. The above information is provided as a guidance only.

. . . . . Your family's safety is in your hands!

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